Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lovely Loft

We had this teeny tiny room at the top of our stairs. It was perfect for a nursery for our babies. Fitting a normal bed and dresser in it, may have been a joke. I looked at it one day, and thought, "if we only knocked out this closet, we could open up the whole room into a loft. Which would open up our entire upstairs, provide more natural light and a common space for homework, and computers, etc..."
Well, "just knocking out the closet" turned into moving tons of pipes and fans and switches. Laying new floors and refinishing the old floor to match. Patching ceilings. You get the point! Some neighbor even thought it necessary to call the city on us. When the city came, I was 7 months pregnant, had three girls running around crazy-like. The man took a peek, lectured me on not getting a permit, yadda yadda... He was focused only on getting out my house and fast as possible. The chaos was too much to bare. He said, "I'll get this taken care of for you. We won't bother you again" Anyway....
After MONTHS of deciding what would go where, it's finished. I REALLY hate half-AS$ projects, and this has felt like one for awhile now!

Here is my very technical description of how it used to look.

We "just knocked out the closet wall" but look at this FUNCTIONAL, OPEN space!
I love that my kids can work on projects or homework while I surf pinterest. "Sorry, child, I can't help you with that math problem right now, I'm busy."

Alex's parents gave us this adorable, old map awhile ago. I wanted to use it as a headboard or something. It's BIG, so it needed a big space. Fits perfectly above the "love seat". 

Always, always find a way to showcase your family! Don't you LOVE Rutledge's picture?! I mean, come on, I've only had six months to get a picture of him printed.
And that amazing chair?! Didn't use to be so amazing. But I have a friend who is amazing at recovering furniture. Thanks Janet Harsh!   

The "office space". Tons of space for projects, homework, writing an old fashioned letter to a friend. Oh, and that printer?! Yep, someday I'll take it to a field and do this. (I don't endorse the language in the song. Turn your volume down if needed, you'll still get the point!).  
We've displayed our kids artwork here and built in tons of storage.  

Here's a view from the loft. You can tell how much more open this had made our upstairs! I love sitting in that "amazing" chair next to the window; staring out, pondering life, sipping my latte, with my Bible on my lap...Have you caught on to the dripping sarcasm here?! 


emily anderson said...

ohhh emmm geeee.
it looks amazing!

i haven't seen much of your house...i love it!

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