Thursday, November 15, 2012

Do you have a piece in your house that you walk by every day and just want to gag?!  Dramatic, you ask?! Yes. But, really, we have had this old antique sewing machine table in our house for like seven years. And the poor thing has never been in the right spot. I move it to a different room thinking, "it will look better here" or "be more functional here." It never works out...

The said sewing machine table.

A couple of weekends ago I decided it was out of here. I even offered it to a friend for $20! Just get it out of here. Then, the other day whilst perusing pinterest, 
I saw a post about a "coffee bar".  
That old sewing machine popped into my head 
and was saved from exile!

I sanded it a bit, just to get the glossy finish off. Then I "primed" it.

Riddle me this: I bought some RED paint a few years back. It lost it's "red" and It's now 80's mauve madness?! I didn't know that could happen!  Hence, I used it as a primer! That's what you see above.
Since I didn't have "red" paint at this point, I literally put on the first pair of shoes I saw and drove like a mad woman to the craft store with eleven minutes "'til closing time..." and picked out the first "cherry red" I could find! Here's the before and after....

 I walk by this now and LOVE it! Lesson learned. Don't throw anything away. Be a pack rat if you must; 
almost anything can be re-purposed!!

 SO... who's coming over for coffee?!?!!


meaghan easterhaus said...

i LOVE this idea!!!! i'll come for coffee! i wanna coffe bar!!

Amber said...

I want to come over and have coffee with you...sigh. I miss you! And I love repurposing things and seeing how you do it! You are amazing at it. Keep it up, girl. You can do my house when we get back.