Monday, September 17, 2012

Harlow started school too!

Harlow started pre-school a couple of weeks ago. She goes two mornings a week and one morning includes a gymnastics class! She loves it.
She can be a bit of a nervous nelly if she doesn't know what she's getting into. She was a bit nervous her first day. When I picked her up that first day, she acted as if she'd been at it for a couple of years. 

 Gentry "coaching" her on her first day of pre-school

 Jetta assumes she is staying too! Soon enough child. 

 I have two mornings a week that it's just me, Jetta, and Rutledge. It's pretty quiet, but Jetta gets some much needed mommy time. I am hoping this will curb a bit of her naughty-ness. The poor girl has to make a name for herself, and she's chosen the route of outright hellion to do it at times!! Does this face explain anything at all?!

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