Saturday, September 15, 2012

Home Decorating...

A) Doesn't have to be stressful
B) Doesn't have to be done ALL at once.
C) Doesn't need to cost thousands of dollars!

I visited a friend a couple months back. They bought their HUD home knowing it needed tons of work.They did an awesome job on re-flooring, painting, and re-kitchening. 
However, I noticed it was lacking, shall we call it. the "homey" feel. 
There wasn't much to show for their cute little home besides some new hardwood and paint. 
I ever so gently, said, "Please let me decorate your home!" FYI, I am not a professional home decorator by any educational means, nor claim to be one by any standards at all. But, I do think that every home should be "pretty" and think it's SO fun to start with a blank slate and make it "yours".

And so it went...
I told them to paint. They painted.
I told them to build a mantel. The ROCKED it out....DIY style.
I told them to get a pallet from his dad's farm and hang it on the wall. 
It most likely had cow manure on it. It's hung! 

This is the aforementioned A).
 Let someone else or pinterest do the brain work for you. 
Pick your friend's brains. Go blind staring at your computer screen browsing endless ideas on pinterest. You may actually get overwhelmed on pinterest and end up with a yarn-wrapped, bear-skin rug hung by a piece of burlap nailed to your chevron painted wall. Just use discretion or something!

We only tackled a couple areas. FOR NOW (this the aforementioned B)!! I'm hoping they have me back some day when they're ready to do their master! 
Just look at ONE or TWO areas or even walls in your home. Start small. 
Or you will get frustrated and overwhelmed. And most likely give up or start a project and never finish. My sister is "the Master" on this. Read some of her home decor posts. Be sure you've used the bathroom recently. She'll make you laugh. 

So here's what we started with. Mind you, this pic was taken before they bought the home. But it does showcase the two main areas we worked on. 

Here's the color scheme we went with.

Here's the finished projects.

Wall with two windows
  • Most of their family pics displayed here versus scattered throughout the house on bookshelves and walls. 
  • We added some "figurine" pieces, i.e. the plates, the bird, spruce it up a bit.

Mantle and Living area. 
  • I Love how the white lurches out at you against the dark navy! Don't be scared of color: light or dark!! 

  • We moved the couch in front of the fire place to create a cozy sitting area. The room is much more divided this way, with the dining room (behind you in this pic) and living room all one huge room in this home. 
  • The green chest stores shoes and is a convenient place for keys and a purse when you walk in the door. 

  • Look at the routed detail on the mantle. Props to B for the DIY mantle!!
  • And the little pop of red! 
  • The painting is a little piece of family history, proudly displayed! 

               My favorite part: nook at the top of the stairs!
It's now a cute little reading  nook. It was nothing before. You may not snuggle up here and read a novella or the such, but a quick magazine, yes. A parenting book as you're "watching" your kids over the railing play in the fire place ash below. Of course! 

As for the aforementioned C). The "B" word. Budget.
You may have $50 to spend and you may have $500 to spend. 
Work with what you've got!
  • We re-used and re-positioned so many things they already had. That's when another set of eyes comes in handy! You don't necessarily need ALL new stuff.  Just re-purpose what you have!
  • Look for free or cheap! That chair was $2. I spent about $7 painting it and recovering the pad. Nine dollars, people! The motor crate (that's storing the quilts-which are also re-positioned to use as decor) I got for free from a friend.
  • DIY. DIY. DIY. Paint and hot glue are your new best friends!!!
  • Buy a few new things that can add something new or special: we bought the red canisters, the fun bird pillow for the reading nook, and a little yellow flower. 
SO.....WHO'S NEXT?!?!?!?!


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i love the navy and white. that mantel is sooooo cute!

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