Monday, September 10, 2012

I turned 32!

Woo.hoo. Not really an exciting birthday. 
I mean, are any of them really exciting anymore?! 
But, the actual outing was fun! Men tend to have Ah.mazing. planning skills, ya know, like inviting people to an adult-only outing the day before or OF the party! 
A few of my peeps made it out. 
Next year, guys, next year. 

Saki-bomb.s. No I didn't do one. If you know me, I'd much rather spend calories on a coffee or anything red velvet than a glass of throat- burning liquid, i.e. alcohol!
Sushi. Yes, I ate A TON of it! 
I even stepped out of my comfort zone and ate some in the RAW! 
It was also pointed out to me half way through the meal that I was using my chop sticks still stuck together! 

Robin and Katie...someday you will be eating this...

me and lover-boy 
 And, a totally mature photo session. Absolutely. Not real sure how this whole thing got started and I can't even explain what is going on in these pics. You thought it's hard to get little kids to cooperate! How about 6 adults?!

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