Tuesday, September 13, 2011

just a glimpse into their hearts and minds!

This one is the oldest and pretty much rules the roost. She knows how things work around here. Really, she could just take over for me and things would go as scheduled. Ha. That's what she thinks! She is so freakin' adventurous and is not afraid of much. She has a really quirky memory and remembers things of utmost UNimportance! Like, the route to the drive in movie theatre that we went to LAST summer with friends, which friends we went with and what movie we saw. Haven't been there since, haven't even talked about it since. She is also VERY sentimental: about friends and events. She tells me once a week that she misses her "best friends" ,Toby and Cody. They are her cousins that moved away 18 months ago and she hasn't seen them since. She makes hilarious faces and will interject a comment into any conversation you may be having. Lastly, she is BFF with any male she comes in contact with. This, we must be cautionary with.
Here is the middle one. And she has known she's the middle since she was born and there was no "middle". She is a mama's girl to the max. She will most likely follow her older sister into anything, but much more timidly. She is the most compassionate little 2 1/2 year old I know. She changes her baby's diaper about 20 times a day. She says things like, "you're so pretty mommy". After seeing a very sick person in a wheel chair, she looked at me with tears in her eyes and asked, "mommy are you going to be broken and in a chair?" Ah, melt your heart right out of your chest. She has the best laugh and shocking eyes.

The littlest is a character. She is 13 months and can hold.her.own. She has the most amazing growl/grunt that she uses to communicate. She is a monkey. She climbs everything. I cannot leave her in a room alone anymore for fear of what she might climb. The fireplace? Sure. A chair, onto the table? Why not? Into the toilet? Almost. She used to be content strapped into the stroller of choice. Not anymore! She has the most voluptuous thighs you've ever seen and probably gets them from her whole milk addiction. Which, we've been working on. She sleeps on average seventeen hours a day. Not even kidding. The girl loves to sleep.

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Debby said...

They are so cute. The middle one has unbelievable eyes. Must keep their Mama busy.