Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I resist

decorating. Not decorating in general, but in a "themey" way. Like, fall, for instance. Pumpkins and leaves make we want to vomit. But, since it just doesn't make sense to have out summery throw pillows and bright springy colors, here is my take on fall decor.

This is my dining room table. I realize the first thing you see is a pumpkin
{note what I said above}. But it's a messy wicker-ish pumpkin. So in my mind it's cute!
Also,the burlap table runner is the easiest and cheapest way to make a table runner. And it can be used for all seasons, just change out the accessories.
Fabric squares are fall-ish colors.
And just to be clear, that's not a second pumpkin, it's a gourd. MUCH different.

More gourds. I love these. And they have some sentiment, because Alex's parent's made them! There's a lot of work that goes into hollowing them, drying, and then staining them.

One orange polka dot fall pillow. $5 at target? Yes, thank you.
And moving outside, my "fall" wreath. Gasp. I spent four freakin' hours on this thing, and may have gotten carpel tunnel. So don't ask for one, but I'll gladly tell you how you can make one!

See, fall doesn't have to be about spooky carved pumpkins and fake fall foliage. Make it what it means to you! What are using this fall?!

And P.S. I should have said pumpkins and leaves make me want to vomit when in my house. I have seen some very cute decor involving these things. Please don't not ask me to come over because you're afraid I'll judge your pumpkins. I won't. Maybe I'll learn to love them!


Maisie said...

adorable! and I actually picked up that short blue mason jar at that store and put it back on the shelf. glad to know if found a good home =) now if you could go redecorate my neighbor's yard that has a full on skeleton and tombstone, that would be much appreciated.

GINA said...

love it! very cute! (especially the little pumpkin...hehe )

Jami Nato said...

i find this post offensive since i have pumpkins and leaves in my fall decor. LOL

your decor is all very cute!

Mrs. Legris said...

very cute! Love your take on Fall, have to say though I am totally a pumpkin and fall leaf gal, haha :)