Thursday, September 29, 2011

An Amazing Find.

OK, I have always loved headboards like these:
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Gabriella Headboard, Full, Heritage Oak stain with Natural Linen
The shape and the classiness just warms my heart. These two models are from Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn, respectively. (Maybe they'll give me a free one for referencing them?!No?!)

An.y.way. I was driving to the park and my hawk-like eyes saw a little nugget from heaven sitting in someone's driveway. With a FREE sign on it.

Yes, folks, it was this:

Please take a minute, one: to compose yourself, as I had to after doing a totally illegal u-turn without looking for traffic first. And second, to look past the cracked, white patent leather fabric studded with gleaming gold buttons. Oh friends, this is going to be a beaut when I am done with her!
And in perfect time for the need of another twin bed as the littlest is about to get the boot from her ever-comforting crib that she spends 70% of her life in! Check back soon!


Casey, Robin, Delaney, Amelia and Remington Egger said...

ok. the other day when we were over, i stopped, got out of my jeep, picked up this headboard, put in the back of my jeep....then decided it was ridiculous to be picking up random things off the side of the road when i don't even have a home to put it in. so i took it out and set it back down in the driveway. and now you got it. awe.some.

Jami Nato said... jealous.