Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Earring Organizer

This is how I kept my earrings organized. And by organized, I mean jumbled and scattered! Lovely.
I got this frame for $1 at a garage sale and this obnoxiously green spray paint for $3. I also bought an adjustable window screen at Home Depot for $6. I know you can buy a roll of screen, but for this project, I didn't need as much as comes on a roll.

I put about 39 coats of spray paint on the frame because I didn't wash it, sand it, or prime it. I just started spraying! After it was dry from being left out in the rain over night, I stapled the screen to the back. SIMPLE.
I think it turned out so pretty and no more searching for my earrings!

Some tips
( I did none of these, but recommend you do!)

1. At least wipe down your frame, maybe even give it a little rub down with some sand paper. Your paint will go on much better.

2. Use a heavy duty stapler to staple your screen to the back of your frame, not a home-use one. Just trust me on this! I suppose you could use hot glue? Not sure. Thought about trying it half way through, but endured.

3. Make a second one and give to a friend! Perfect birthday or Christmas gift! You can get two screens out of the mentioned adjustable window screen. Four if you were to use smaller frames!


Ashley said...

this is one of those projects i've got on my list to-do. just need to come across the perfect frame, and some motivation :).

it looks great!

Sela said...

I need to beautify mine a bit, it's just the boring brown it was when I bought it.
If you get some coat hanger type hooks from the hardware store and screw them to the bottom, then you have a necklace holder as well! Now if I could just figure out how to store my post earrings, I'd be set...