Sunday, August 28, 2011

Warrior Dash

(first off, the pics and font on this post are messed up. i had no energy or desire to fix it. read on, warriors, read on!)

A couple friends and I did a really fun 5K last weekend. I ran the first mile and walked the rest! Now, before you judge my athletic ability, know that it wasn't just a straight run. It was a 5K obstacle course on the side of Copper Mountain. So it was hilly, and obstacley, and MUDDY. The obstacle at the 2ish mile point was a mud pit. Like, swim through thick muddy water. I was on my hands, with the rest of mt body back behind me. I would have kicked and frolicked, but felt bad for the person behind me to get a mouth full. After that you do the rest of course caked in mud.

Maisie and I before the race. We look amazing (we meaning "I"), because, who doesn't get up
and primp before a race?!


The mud pit. Literally swimming through it!

And the last obstacle. The fire pit. Honestly, my four-year-old daughter could have cleared this thing. But it just felt so dangerous and cool.
Look past the Hans and Frans twins, perfectly in sync,making "Night at the Roxbury" gestures and you'll see me hurdling the first fire pit.
Me? Athletic? A natural hurdler, you say? Oh stop. Really, stop.

The warrior dash comes across the nation, you should check it out in an area near you next summer. It's fun, not super-competitive, and you get a free beer at the end!! Beer's not your thing?! Give yours to your husband or a friend. See, no excuses!



Sela said...

There are a couple of pictures of you from the "professional" photographers under my bib number, you should go look if you get a sec. I think my number is 13361 :)

Jami Nato said...

i just can not believe you did this.