Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jetta's First birthday parties!

Yes, that's plural, she had two parties. I'm telling you, she's got me wrapped.
OK, really, one was to celebrate with her b-day buddy, Remi. He was born a few hours before her. His mom and I are BFF4V...WTH...Bam, they'll get married someday.
The second party was so daddy and family could watch her smash a cupcake in her face. I know. OBLIG.A.TORY.

Party One:

decor and treatsPhotobucket

lots of kidsPhotobucket

birthday buddiesPhotobucket

how Jetta and Harlow felt about a second partyPhotobucket


audrey said...

cute party!! tons of chickens everywhere!

Jami Nato said...

all those kids!! did you go to the local orphanage? ha. very cute party.