Tuesday, July 13, 2010

dinner and ice cream

At a loss for what to do for dinner the other, I came up with this. I had some random ingredients in my fridge that needed to be eaten. They could be a great app to take to a party too.

Turkey and Asparagus Rolls:

Cream Cheese
Crescent Rolls

There's really no set amount of any of the ingredients, depends on how many rolls you need! Spread a "dollup" of cream cheese on the unbaked crescent roll. Wrap the asparagus in one or two peieces of deli turkey, then wrap the turkey/asparagus in the crescent. Bake as per the crescent roll directions!

Other ingredients I think would be good to try:

Bacon or Salami
Seasoned cream cheese
Green onions (instead of asparagus)

The options are endless here folks.....

And what dinner is complete without ice cream at the local DQ with friends?!

Get 'er done, Benson!
No, that's not blood coming OUT of Rafe's nose, it's chocolate!? And the snorkel mask?! You'd have to ask him yourself!
Sweet and dainty, eating with her spoon, no dribbles on her dress. Well, she had just gotten started!

And I can't leave out the littles...


Mrs. Legris said...

Yumm, good idea missy!

Jami Nato said...

that does sound delish. it's totally a hannah creation.

Knecht said...

anything with cream cheese, bacon, or some sort of bread....that's me!