Wednesday, July 21, 2010

every gal deserves an apple green room.

Here are some pics of the nursery for our third little gal. I had to change it up after using ALL the same stuff for Gentry and Harlow. And well, times have changed too, and we've got keep up with the styles around here...

Wall flowers above the crib

Fun little accents

My fav piece in the whole room!

Glorious crown molding we had put up! Just finishes the room! Love it.

Zip sheets. Now, whoever invented these might possibly be a genius. Changing a crib sheet is like torture. Pure torture. It's a joke. Well, it's not something I'll be wrestling with anymore...

Here's the jist. You put the "bottom" piece on the mattress, ONCE(it covers the bottom of the mattress and comes up the sides. Then, the best part...You ZIP the top piece on/off. So... your baby pukes or poops all over the sheet and instead of covering it with a blanket and waiting until you gag every time you walk into the room to change it, you just zip off the top and replace it with a clean one! Genius.
And also my fav piece in the room is this bumper that I got at a thrift store for 50 cents.


Kirsten said...

Looks great! Perfect for the new little lady. Here's hoping she kicks and breaks your water and decides to come a few days early!

Jami Nato said...

zip sheets!? yes please. where did you get such a thing.

the nursery is super cute.

Christy said...

One word: WOW!!!!

Diane said...

Where were those sheets when I needed them???

Love! Love! Love the nursery. Can't wait to hear that the baby's in her crib. Can't wait to hear her name. Excited for all of you, and praying that all goes well.

Love ya,
Diane (for Dale, too)

Diane said...

P.S. Your molding looks GREAT~!!!

Jess said...

Your little girl's room is SO CUTE! Love the green room, love the zip sheets. Can't wait to meet her!