Monday, July 26, 2010

I have great friends...

...Not just because they throw me a shower even though it's my third girl and I should have everything (plus a little more) than I need.
Nope, because they are mindful of how my life is about to change, and that every little baby and mommy carrying that baby needs to be celebrated...
gifts or not.
So thank you, friends, for making me feel loved during this time!!! I have definitely needed it lately as I, honestly, am so over being pregnant!! Sound selfish?! It is, I realize this.
But it's time...
...Time to walk rather than waddle!
...Time to be able to drink water without getting heartburn!
...Time to not sweat even when I lay on the air conditioning registers with the temp set to 71 degrees (its crapped out twice now!)
...And definitely time to hold this little one!!!

My shower in KC...Thrown by a couple friends and my sis.
OK, this was over 5 weeks ago, trust me, I have gotten bigger!

These gals know the key to my heart...chocolate fondue!! Ft. Collins shower at the melting pot!
This was a total surprise. A few friends showed up at my house and took me to the melting pot, where a plethora of other friends were waiting for me!

I should have taken before and after shots of my butt, because you know right where all that chocolate went!! Especially since "exercise" these days is walking up my stairs only to plop immediately into my bed!


Jami Nato said...

so fun! you do have good friends, if i do say so myself. haha.

well we love you. and the new platypus that's about to arrive. which will be another hannah junio i'm sure!

Mrs. Legris said...

FUN, I wish I could have come. Can't wait to see the new baby!!