Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gentry's First trip to the Dentist!

It's that time! Time to start regular cleanings and check-ups! It helped that the hygienist is the most infectiously bubbly person I know, and that daddy came in to see how things were going. And of course the "toy box" at the end!

She had Harlow try out the chair first. Once she saw Harlow laughing, she knew it was all good.
The chair ride.
Wendy had different names for all her tools. Gentry didn't care about the names, just the fact that she could squirt water and suck up her own spit!

Squirting water and sucking it up all at once!

She actually sat still and enjoyed getting her teeth cleaned, as along as she could squirt water and suck spit at her leisure!

Daddy came in to check on things. Woo-hoo no cavities! They way this girl eats candy. Believe it or not, she gets it from her daddy!
Picture with Wendy, Mr. Thirsty (the spit sucker), and Bun-Bun (who got to come along for this very special occasion)!


Jami Nato said...

your husband must be a dentist. layne is 3 and hasn't gone. haha.

Knecht said...

Jami, maybe if you brought him OUT HERE, he could get a FREE cleaning and check up. Complete with a leaded plastic toy from China out of the goodie box at the end!
OK, now I am bribing you!!