Friday, February 12, 2010

A Few of my Favorite Things....For Now!

1. This Bible study I am doing on my "thought" life. It's called "Me, Myself and Lies" written by Jennifer Rothschild. I am only 2 weeks into it, but I am learning how powerful and sneaky my thought life can be. If you have ever struggled with a rough thought life (i.e. not dwelling on God's truth and purity, or being led by your feelings and emotions versus God's wisdom.) this would be a great study for you! And hopefully this isn't just a "for now" thing I am into!

2. My curly/crimpy hair. I borrowed a friend's 3-barrel curling iron, and have been curling away. It's something new and different. My hair is in great need of a make-over. I like it curly, but it takes 20 extra minutes to do! So I can go ahead and scratch that off my morning "to-do" list. And I have this little 4-year-old man in my life that said to me today as he was leaving, "I hope you get your hair fixed!" SERIOUSLY.
1. He's a BOY. 2. He is four! 3. He is honest!
I do have an appointment to get my hair trimmed and COLORED! Something I haven't done in like 5 years! It's a surprise, you'll have to come back to find out what I did!
3. This not so questionable belly. Yes, folks, it's a baby, not a stock-pile of bon-bons! I am just about 14 weeks, and my body just knows what to do. I suppose your body realizes "here we go again." Anyway, this pooch means I am getting farther along, which also means, I see the light. The end of "sickness tunnel" is quickly approaching! I have been able to manage my sickness with meds, and taking care of the other two little gals, doesn't exactly allow for pure exhaustion. Is this 3rd our last and final baby?! Don't know. You'll have to ask my husband. I am torn!
4. And last but surely not ever growing collection of puffy vests! I LOVE puffy vests. Maybe because they are warm, maybe because I feel a since of security inside one. Who knows, not in the mood for a deep discussion such as this.
However, during the winter, I wear one of these bad boys EVERY DAY. I have 8 of them. One of them I have had since 2001! I just can't let it go. I am planning on a closet-remodel once I am done with this pregnancy, but I highly doubt ANY of these will be cast out!


Mrs. Legris said...

The book sounds nice. Congrats on another baby! So exciting, but I don't envy you right now, I am two weeks away and sooooo ready. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

tim and gina downing said...

i love the hair, and the belly and the book sounds great! :)
dont think we can get that book here.
we really need a skype date so you can give me a blog lesson!

Shanole said...

Yes the hair is cute!

Jess said...

Cute post! Your baby belly is cute. And I totally think of you in puffy vests when it's cold - that's just your thing :)

Jami Nato said...

you look adorable. let the belly abound!

and yes, the puffy vest collection is redonk. but i am like that with cardigans so i really can not say anything.