Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well, it's a little more than a "bump", but you get the point! My friend saw this sign on the road and had the brilliant idea of having me stand in front of it!
As for a pregnancy update, I am 35 weeks along, but am measuring at 40 weeks, due to polyhydramnios (google it). I am at a higher risk of pre-term labor and have started to experience contractions, although not painful at this point. I would be happy to have this baby girl around 37 weeks or after. She is measuring a couple weeks ahead as well, and has had steroid injections to jump start her lungs, should she arrive pre-term.
I really am excited to meet her, we've seen some awesome 3-D pics!! I haven't thought about, however, life with two kids! I will take it as it comes, I suppose!
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emily said...

what a CLEVER idea for a picture!!
i love it...and yes, it looks like more than a bump!
hope that baby girl comes at 37 weeks!
milo was born at 36 weeks and was 7 lbs and lungs were great...
can't wait to see this (big) bean!

The Legris Family said...

I love it! Bump in the road! ha ha