Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yes, It Snowed!

We got our first official snow overnight. Gentry looked out the window for about 20 minutes this morning at all the snow and the big trucks scraping the snow.
Last winter she was too young to really "play" in the snow or remember it.

Since she was refusing to nap this afternoon, I decided to take her and Effie out for a little hike in the snow. She had a pretty good time, besides a few face-plants and Effie knocking her over a couple times. sent her into a meltdown which in turn got her to nap! We all WIN...

Face Plant!!

Effie always loves a good romp in the snow!

And this change of weather, can't be a bad thing for me, you always here about the change in"barometric pressure" sending women into labor. Oh, I am crossing my fingers!!

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barb-archer said...

Hi Knecht's!So fun to read the blog and see all of your pics! You all look great. I'm very anxious to see this new little one--awesome utlrasound pics.Say hi to Alex and give Gentry a big hug!Miss you all--Love, Barb