Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ABC Cuteness and others

Here is Gentry singing her "ABC's", she's getting pretty good at it, so i thought i should film it (and then share it with you all!). She has a Big Bird ABC video that she is obsessed with. I must give most of the credit to the video, not me spending endless hours working with her. Although the ABC song is on the "bed-time play-list" (by that I mean, the songs she requests me to sing each night) EVERY night!

Also, are these the CUTEST baby legs??!!

And one more item of cuteness... another pic of baby in-utero! The ultrasound tech got this great shot today. I have so much fluid that the 3D pics come out great!

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Cherie said...

That is an awesome 3d pic! You can already tell she is gorgeous :O) Gentry is adorable - those tights make me want a baby girl to dress up!