Friday, July 13, 2012

Every day holds...

Can I get an "Amen", if you're list could go on and on...?!?! Mine does!
It's not all fun and games and hugs and kisses!!
 I'm reading this book(over and over). If you haven't heard of it, get it. 
"Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches"
You can get it on or probably any christian book store. 
Here's a {long} quote from the end of the book. 
This paragraph was convicting and encouraging to me at the same time.

" Blessings, like children, are not ethereal and weightless. Sometimes they feel like they come at you like a Kansas hail storm-they might leave a welt.  But if you accept your lot and rejoice in your toil, God will give you the kind of overwhelming joy that cannot remember the details. 
Motherhood is hard work. It is repetitive and often times menial. Accept it. Rejoice in it. This is your toil. is not giddy. It is not an emotional rush- it is what happens when you accept your lot and rejoice in your toil. So rejoice in your children. Look at them in the eyes and give thanks. You will not even remember the work of all this planting when the harvest of joy overwhelms you."

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Holly said...

That is so encouraging! Thanks for the reminder:)