Thursday, July 19, 2012

A goodbye for now...

...Today was the first time that it really, really hit me. They pulled out of the driveway in true fashion. Honking, waving, kids arms' flailing around in the back seats, waving.
 Our good friends are moving away. Only for a time. I think that's why I was in denial of the fact that they will be gone when we get back from our vacation in a couple of weeks. 
 They will be back. 
Right, you guys?! You ARE coming back!?!?!  This better not be a dirty trick!

Amber and her kiddos mean a lot to me and my kiddos! They are all pretty close in age. The one's that aren't still love each other. Vrai (4) and Jetta (almost 2) love to make each other laugh.  And  Vrai and Harlow love to love each other! Ya, check out the pics below.
 A possible arranged marriage.
And Gentry and Wyatt, the first -borns. Well, they're first borns. 
They know how to have a good time.
 And get in trouble. Often.
Hazel and Jetta like to hug and cat fight. 
Anyway, they came over for one last good bye. I grabbed my camera last minute and got some priceless pics of the kids. 

The crazyness. Rutledge missed out.  

You will be missed by us and many, many others!


Maisie said...

oh my goodness! cuteness abounds!!

harada57 said...
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