Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gentry is FIVE!

So CRAZY that our first born is FIVE years old!! She most definitely leads the pack! 
She loves her sisters and is generally very good to them, she is very creative and has a unique fashion sense, and has some awesome dance moves!

For whatever reason, her latest thing is doing magic tricks. 
Some of her "tricks" are: making stuffed animals disappear 
and swallowing food while doing a headstand (I had to put a stop to that one!)
So, naturally, this five year old girl asked for a magical birthday party! 
There was a magic show and cupcakes! Pretty basic and easy clean-up! 

The party invite...
 The Magic Show, complete with a bunny appearing at the end!!
 Magic themed cupcake toppers! So easy and cute, and they make the cupcakes special!  I also found a template online for the cupcake wrappers.

 And the birthday girl! She had to have a "birthday" hat (turns out the dollar store supports the "magic" community...you can find tons of magic themed stuff there!)
Yep, she's wearing a magicians hat along with her zebra print dress and hot pink tights...as I mentioned above, the fashion sense!

However, the most memorable moment of the party was this...
This is my niece, Piper. Two scenarios: Either she was absolutely unimpressed with the magic show OR she was upset the party wasn't all about her (her b-day was 3 days later!). Either way, this pic totally displays her personality and I LOVE it!

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