Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby Shower

And again, my friends have totally outdone themselves!! Being that I have three girls, and now enter boy, they absolutely had to go all out for this shower! There was word that the shower may have been a little "bachelorette party" themed, as you can imagine the fun the would have had with that! Oh, but they are classy ladies, as was the shower! My friends know how to love on me, and all of them, having boys themselves, knew exactly what to bring for this "little man"!

I am seriously so honored and thankful to have such a great group of friends that know how to love on a gal about to embark on such a new adventure....a BOY!!
 The theme was all about mustaches, and top hats, and bow ties,etc...SO adorable!
 Decor and games all around!
All the classy ladies! How adorable are the hand-made top hats?!!!


Jami Nato said...

adorable!! why wasn't i invited...that's so rude. ha.

audrey said...

such a great idea! love the photos!