Monday, November 14, 2011

Par-tay on a dime...

As in my friend and I planned all the deets two days beforehand, and did it on a super-friendly budget!
Now before you start thinking this is going to represent Assssspen...or Breck, think again. This is more going to represent Snowy Range in the middle of freakin' Wyoming. Ok, let me just say it: slighty 80's, run down, borderline trashy. This party decor shall not represent the character of the person this party was for. But he DID totally love it!
After the early afternoon shin-dig, some people went to Boulder for a Warren Miller film. It's a movie about skiing. And since I loathe skiing, that's all I'm going to say about that.

So, I give you, the "80's run down ski lodge" party theme on a dime...


Deli Sandwiches.
We put them in plastic bags, so they'd look straight out of a cafeteria. I even debated putting an expired date for the "use by", but thought people really might wonder!
You could totally go tuna or egg salad here! Yum!

Sides were super-sophisticated single serve chips and some veggies!
And about the sign! Like, I said, think Wyoming. Or 80's skate-land. When have you ever NOT seen one of those menu signs with the letters falling down or all mis-matched?!
Dessert was amazing hot chocolate. Guests could pick the alcoholic add-in of choice. Some of the choices were never meant to be mixed with chocolate or milk. But at this party, they were!

And what ski lodge would be complete without a bear skin, I mean, whatever the H this rug is?! I am making out a sherpa leading an alpaca here. I could be wrong. But, it did the trick!

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Jami Nato said...

this made me LOL. honestly, where is that rug from?