Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Despite the fact that Jetta bit Harlow the other day and left a bruise! Or that Jetta pulls Harlow's hair when she's mad at her. Or that Jetta does this weird arm scratching thing to Harlow when Harlow has something she wants!
I know Jetta loves her!
Jetta has about 7 words, and "Harlow" is one of them, amongst words like, "hi" "bye" "dada". Oh ya, she's totally in to her!


Diane said...

What BEAUTIFUL little girls you have~!!! And CONGRATULATIONS on baby #4 (coming soon)~!!!
Haven't read your blog for a while, so this was a real treat hearing about baby number 4.

Love your blog~!!! Love your writing~!!! Love you~!!!

Diane :-)

Diane said...

P.S. Love your photography, too~!!!

Jami Nato said...

you need to blow that first picture up and put it on a canvas. it's adorable and magical..