Thursday, October 27, 2011


I'm really not sure how we went from high 70's to 10 inches of snow. These two events took place within three days of each other!
First, the pumpkin patch scene.
Pumkins, gourds, hay rides, yadda yadda. A really warm afternoon!

On a side note, my girls are going through a stage of "loves and hugs." Totally getting along, and I am by all means a super fan! It may not last long, and it may come in stages, but I'll be cheering them on!!

The pumpkin patch had these bad boys all around. I want to do this next year, on a smaller scale for my dining room table. Yes, I may introduce pumpkins into my decor.

And this one, just because I like gourds, and think these are all so pretty!

And now for the event that took place three.days.later.

Ten blasted inches of snow! The trees nor I was ready for this storm. The city is littered with broken trees. Not just limbs, like, halves of trees just snapped like toothpicks.
Jetta started out having a good time, but this is how it went...

"hmmm...I don't know if I'm into this. it's cold and weird."
"no. get me the heck out of this stuff."
"I'd much rather be inside, just enjoying the view!"


Ashlee said...

That is crazy! 70 to 10 inches? Thank goodness Indiana isn't that bipolar!

Jami Nato said...

i will never live in colorado.