Sunday, July 10, 2011

a storm

I am not usually one to photog landscapes or nature. Just not my thing. But this. This storm was different. And we were out in it. With a mere white tent to huddle under. Amongst 3,012 other people trying to get under the same tent.
Let me just tell you the instincts of a mother bear kick in at times like this.
There was no way in "H" my kids and I weren't getting a spot under that tent!
We did get a spot, and even a spot at a table where we ate our $4/slice pizza. Oh, street fairs. I've come to loath thee...
Anyway, back to the storm. No hail or anything super scary, just pouring rain. And I love the one balloon I caught floating into the mammoth clouds!



Now, I totally love my husband, but must make a point to share this. Don't worry, I teased him to his face as well.
If you know him, you know these two things:
1. he LOVES hot sauce on ANYTHING.
2. He is a messy eater. Like, 4-year old messy.
This is his shirt after he tried to put hot sauce on his $4 pizza slice. At the dang street fair.


GINA said...

haha alex! that made me laugh. i must admit, when we remember alex, we think of how he puts hot sauce on everything!
crazy storm! i would of been pushing and shoving to get under that tent as well!

Jami Nato said...

alex. really.