Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gentry is 4!

I've been meaning to post pics of her party, because it was really fun! But blogging motivation is at a low these days! Trying to get back on the bandwagon here people...

OK, so the party. It was a pajama party. Let me be clear here, not a sleepover!! Eleven kids, all five and under is not a sleepover, it's probably your worst nightmare! I don't know, maybe you're more adventurous than me!

We mailed these adorable sleeping bag invites. The kids were asked to wear pajama's and bring sleeping bags and pillows for game"s"!
The game (yes, we ended up playing one) was supposed to be like musical chairs, but musical pillows is what we called it. It was basically 11 kids running around screaming while the music played, then 11 kids running around screaming when the music was stopped. Fun times, really. We didn't even take a pillow away; one: they just didn't really get the concept and two: they were having fun the way it was going.

OK, moving on to the food (my fav part!) No birthday cake what?! How about birthday cereal and DOUGHNUTS!! I threw some yogurt and fruit in there too, not sure if any child ate it though!

I love this pic of Gentry looking at her daddy (he was behind the camera)

And I'll leave you with what your living room would look like if you did have a sleep over. Of course yours would be without the death trap of T.V. and DVD wires stretched across the room...seriously, do you see that?! We brought a small t.v. down so the kids could watch Toy Story 3, and this is how my husband set it up.


Jami Nato said...

that is such a cute idea for a party! and man, those donuts are making me drool.

Mrs. Legris said...

Looks like a fun little party!!

Shanole said...

Yes, it was great! The p.j. party idea with cereal and donuts was awesome. Syd and I had fun! The death trap was pretty funny too.
Glad you're blogging again.