Sunday, February 27, 2011

They always turn out

I have these visions of taking pics of my own girls,
but *oddly* the sesh never goes how I want it to!
"Oh wait, what? Let it go and have fun and I be you'll get some great photos?!"
Yes, and that's just how it went today! And I got some really good photos that perfectly portray my girls' personalities!
Anyway, I took the pics because Harlow turned two (a couple months ago), Gentry is almost four, and Jetta is 6 months. I think this is the only time I'll be able to squeeze them all into one session and be close enough to the birthday!

Love them. I do.
Smirky, camera-snob Harlow

Smiley McSmilerson, Jetta

Goofy, strike-a-pose Gentry
(yes, she did this on her own)

(Insert jazz music here)

SO typical!


Kayt said...

LOVE these. I must say, the greatest capture in all of them is of Jetta's cankles. Holy. Moly. Sista!

Casey, Robin, Delaney, Amelia and Remington Egger said...

ok. that last photo made me laugh out loud...and that's hard to do. these girls are SO much fun. glad i have the privileged of knowing them!

Jami Nato said...

OMG, jetta...she is a HAM!

adorable pics...

andi said...

wow, what cute girls you have! i'm the oldest of three girls and i know it can be lots of fun! i found your blog through "the anderson crew." by the way, your girls' names are adorable and unique. glad to have found your blog!

GINA said...

love love LOVE these photos!! beautiful!!!! you need to come here and take photos for us!!