Monday, February 7, 2011

Sissy was in town!

My sis and family came into town a couple weekends ago. It was a short visit, but really fun! Aimee, Ian, Alex and I all went out, kid-free! Not sure we've EVER done this!
Fun was in order! First, bowling. Only my sis and I could, without knowing (seriously), create that score board. Ya, just look closely!

bowling SKILLZ (notice I don't have skills, I bowled a 50.)

Then a Greek feast. Literally. I am pretty sure us four took down an ENTIRE lamb!

And of course, Piper, their ten months old of pure cuteness daughter!


Jami Nato said...

your blog header is so cute!
and how fun that your sis came into town. ya'll need to move next door to one another...that would be truly fun.

Knecht said...

Eh, thanks. It's not totally my style, but it'll be cute for awhile!

aimee said...

I've been dreaming about that Greek feast since we left!