Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Littles" is growing up.

Alex started calling her "littles" because she's just this petite, tiny little human. Although she is still tiny, she is growing up. She doesn't need her mommy as much anymore.
{Tears inserted here}
Quoting "Michael Bluth" from Arrested Development:
"I know life isn't fair to women, your children grow up and don't need you anymore"
(tangent: have you seen this show? pure.comedic.geneous.)
When I dropped her off for a sleep over recently she didn't even bat an eye.
She's pretty outgoing now and talks a ton. Good thing I have little Jetta to replace the baby stage! What will I do when Jetta is this old?!?!!


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Jami Nato said...

i can't believe you're already shoving them out the door. ha.

emily said...

i'm so glad to hear that show is funny, because i just rented season 1 from the library. it was just sitting there and i thought it looked good!
excited to watch it now!

audrey said...

arrested development is from the lord. and harlow is so cute. i call george 'littles' because he was so tiny when he was born but now he's a chubba-lub/not-so-tiny anymore.

Shanole said...

Chris loves that show.

Mrs. Legris said...

BABIES, they are fantastic!! I can't wait to have more and dread the day they are walking out, ha :)