Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Recipe for Christmas Party Fun

Lots of Good food

A handful of great friends

Throw in some gifts, massages, and {sometimes racy} good conversation, and your'e good to go!
I LOVE hosting this ladies only Christmas party every year with my friend Kayt. We change up the theme each year, throw in some giveaways, etc... The best part is spending the evening with a group of friends, that are rarely able to come together all at once, being there are 30 and some kids between us all!
Ladies, look forward to next year, it's gonna be SASSY!!


GINA said...

ohhhh...totally jealous im not there!!!!!

Jami Nato said...

a) i want your lens
b) i wish we lived closer

Knecht said...

Gina, we miss you too!
Jami, take the hit on the lens. It's sooooo worth the $$$$$$$. And really, I wish we were all back in Etown living up our college days! You too Em, and we could even take an imaginary trip to Ashley!

Shanole said...

Thanks again for hosting, yep loved it, as always! And thanks for the massages and giveaways. They were great!
Already looking forward to next year. Gina, yes we miss you for sure!