Tuesday, May 25, 2010

IKEA: Part One

I know this IKEA trip seems like it was a sojourn to MECCA. It pretty much felt that way! When I saw the big yellow and blue sign, it was like Christmas morning when I was five!!
I know all of you who live close to an IKEA are rolling your eyes!
Every time we go to a city with an IKEA, I visit it and drool over all the things I want, but could never bring home on a plane. So...I planned a trip to IKEA, in Draper, UT. Yes, SIX POINT FIVE hours away from Ft. Collins. Only these gals were crazy enough to come with me... (not my little ones, oh no, they stayed home with daddy).

We drove to Draper on Friday after Dara and Katie got off of work. It took 7.5 hours because of a wrong turn and lots of rain! All for this...(thanks for the sweet shot Katie!)

We were not the only crazies that drove from far away lands!

This is what all transpired after FIVE hours of shopping ( I was pretty sure I was going to go into labor) and LOTS of money spent ;)
All you other gals who wanted to come, you missed out, however, we may have been sending some of you home on an airplane!! This is the back of Alex's expedition! It spilled over into the seat in front in front of it, leaving one little section for Katie to squeeze into!

And although this has nothing to do with IKEA, I was almost as excited when I saw this sign in the morning leaving our hotel for IKEA... YUM!!!
More later on what I actually got! Half of it I have to put together, boo, we'll see when that happens!


Jami Nato said...

so jealous! i'd better be getting something for xmas from your loot. ha.

Mrs. Legris said...

I am jealous too, Justin tells me all about that place and I have never been! fun!