Monday, March 8, 2010

The event of the YEAR!

We have been telling Gentry for a few months that when she turns three she is going to throw her Paci to "Nemo." (Thanks Jami, for the idea!) Just to calm your soul, she has only been using it at bed times for year or so. Not one of those kids who walks around with it all day, and has jacked up teeth! Anyway, OF COURSE, I had to document this event. And it just happen to be a nice day, and the Poudre River happen to flowing! And yes, we threw a plastic and rubber paci into the river. Gasp. I hope that no fish were harmed in this event, but I will never know.

Contemplating what is about to happen!

The chuck into the river!

Waiting for Nemo to come get the Paci.

Friends who were there for support!


susan wilson said...

Jenny was 3 when we made a big production of having the trash man take the pacis (SEVERAL) in the trash truck. Documented with pictures, of course. Congrats on your new baby niece.

Love Susan

Jami Nato said...

i'm glad you used this little trick that worked for layne. he still talks about how his binky went to nemo and occasionally checks the toilets to see if they are in there. haha.

congrats gentry!