Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My sister: the baby belly model!

So, my little sis is gonna have a BABY! (can you guess what it is?!)
I got the privilege of taking pics of her oh so perfect belly this past weekend! (Don't worry sis, it won't feel perfect for much longer! Just a word from the "wise"!)
Anyway, isn't she the cutest. And who knew, her husband is half ape?! Yes, what photo shoot is complete without the husband jumping into a tree and hanging up-side-down, yelling "take my picture, hurry."
Micheal Scott, anyone?! Always knows how to "liven" things up.
So enjoy the pics, and get yourself one of these cute lookin' bellies. Ask the hubby for Christmas...I'm sure he'll oblige!


Jami Nato said...

those pics are adorable hannah. she looks awesome! i am taking some prego pics this afternoon for someone...thanks for the inspiration!

btw, burn your uggs. ha.

Diane said...

You're going to be an aunt!!!
How exciting!!!
Congratulations to Aimee!!!