Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Always up for an Adventure...

...And this trip was no slight use of the word 'Adventure'. We loaded my sister's life into a U-haul, and 3 adults and 2 kids into her SUV and set out for the "city of lights". Yep, Las Vegas, a 14 hour jog from Ft. Collins. (**If you are wondering right now if my sister Aimee has decided to move to Vegas to be a stripper or card-dealer, the answer is no!!**More on that later). My girls did very well in the car, especially Gentry, despite her tendency not to sleep in the car. Doesn't every kid fall asleep in the car?! Anyway, here are some pictures of the trip out...I'll post more on our stay in Vegas later!

Aimee's life crammed into this U-haul trailer!

Gentry, Harlow, and I sat in the back seat

This was Harlow most of the time!

Note this one folks... Gentry, unfortunately, is not much of a car sleeper!

One of our FEW stops! Pretty impressive for the amount of people we had!

Happy Harlow

My view for about 11/14 hours!

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Amber said...

you are crazy, girl! someday I'll have the guts to take the boys on a longer road trip...it's all I can take just two hours to the Springs! And, note, Wyatt does NOT sleep in the car either unless he's been swimming! I hear ya! You'll have to share with me all your secrets for roadtrip success!