Monday, April 27, 2009

Sick Harlow

We made our first trip to the ER this weekend. Pretty good for having a two year old already! We had to take Harlow in on Saturday night. She had been throwing up and having diarrhea for 48 straight hours, and we were worried about dehydration. She's so tiny as it is, and she just kept getting worse. She was given an IV to replace her fluids. I left the room while they put in her IV, but I could hear it all, and she was NOT happy. She conked out about 2 seconds after I went in and picked her up. Getting an IV is hard work for a little one!
She is doing much better, although the virus has to run it's course. Of course, I had to document this event. She just looked too cute and pitiful at the same time, lying in the bed with her arm all "jimmy-rigged". It looks like her arm is in a splint, and it basically is so that she couldn't pull the IV out.
The doctor on-call, a friend of ours (props to Mike Apostle!!) was so good and patient with us, amongst his more critcal patients, like the Old Town bar-fighters! All you Ft. Collins peeps, if you ever have to make a trip to the ER, make sure it's a Friday or Saturday night, you'll get a great doc (and nurses too)!


Anonymous said...

She is so sweet! I hope she has a speedy recovery!

Charity said...

Wow, that really is adorable and so sad at the same time!