Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pretty Flowers and Our Pyscho Dog.

My mother-in-law found these pretty pretties in our back yard the other day! Yeah, our yard is pretty much a disaster, and I hadn't even been looking for things to actually bloom. But we got them just in time to adorn the kitchen for a few days.
On another note, our dog is officially pyscho, or at least was for a moment this afternoon. She has always been skiddish around things that have motors, like lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, chain saws, etc... Well today, we were out in the backyard working, and Alex's dad fired up the chain saw and Effie went crazy. She darted across the yard, and jumped up at the chain saw, WHILE IT WAS RUNNING!! It happened so fast, no one even knew what was going on. She ran away from it really fast with blood gushing from her mouth. LUCKILY, she only got three cuts on her lip and chin. I mean, her whole face could have been sawed off, or her jugular cut into if she would have gone in at the right angle. We didn't think it was deep enough for stitches, so we just put some Neosporin on it. She is not allowed outside anymore while we are working with power tools! YIKES...

This is a picture of her lip that got cut. It's just a little flap kind of hanging down.


emily said...

i can't believe effie did that?!?
crazy dog.

and i love all your pictures on the side bar (and then the descriptions of everyone too). very funny...especially effie's description (love of alex's life--haha!)

Diane said...

OUCH!!!! What a DOG!!!!!
Talk about pyscho!!!
I'm glad she's OK.

Oh, Hannah, I LOVE your pictures!
Gentry is adorable. I wish I could just give her a big hug and tell her how special she is!!!
So glad that Alex and you have been blessed with this special little girl.......
And NOW..... another special blessing is on the way!
I'll be praying that all goes well.

I'm so glad that you sent a reminder of your wonderful blog. It's so much fun to read and look at your pictures.

Hope you're enjoying the Lord each day because He is enjoying you!!!

Love ya much,
Diane (for Dale, too)