Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fun Times.

I found these pictures on one of my camera cards today that i had forgotten about. I wanted to post these a few weeks ago, and it just slipped my mind. Anyway, this is Gentry and her friend Rafe playing in Gentry's room. He came over one day and I put a gate up across Gentry's door, and just let them go at it! This was the result!!! It took awhile to clean up, but they were entertained for a good hour, and I was able to get some things done!
Rafe is about 13 months older than Gentry, but they get along soooo well, as long as there's no food involved! They are both very protective of their snacks, and there always seem to be issues when they are "snacking" together. Besides that, they "play" really well together and we always find them just cracking each other up.
P.S. Do you love Gentry's attire or what? I got her these slippers at a garage sale, and they are by no means the cutest things ever, but she loves them.

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