Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We did Disney...

...and I can say with confidence, I don't care to return anytime soon! I mean, we had a good time. 

Not too hot, no horrible lines for the rides, 
and we reached the holy grail: Mickey (you can see below just how successful that was!). 
But really, my kids wouldn't know the difference between Disney and the rickety fairground rides that grace our county fair every summer! Seriously, sometimes, the rides sport a knock-off Mickey or Dumbo. 
Use this to your advantage for as long as possible!

Disney was everything I remember from going as a nine year girl. And there is definitely some sentiment there. I remembered "It's a small world" as if I had just gone last year. The song is stuck in your head for 2.5 days. And, I think there is some subliminal messaging, because you leave the ride, with your head bobbing, eyes glazed over, thinking, "Wow, we are all the same and world peace is my new vision in life."

From that same trip as a kid, I also remember my sister puking all over her dress after eating at a 
Chinese restaurant. I told you...sentiment, people!

As every Disney trip begins ...

 ...and ends,this was ours!


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