Saturday, May 19, 2012

a 'home run" indeed

This baseball themed shower was a hit! A good friend and I threw this shower for another friend who is having her first son. Her husband was part of the CSU baseball team. Pitcher, I believe. I don't know; I've been told that's an important position! 
So we went vintage meets baseball meets Sunday afternoon luncheon. It was super fun to plan and decorate for and the theme went along with her nursery. Don't worry, she's classy, so her theme isn't cartoony baseballs! It's vintage. Hence, the vision for our shower.
 Love. Hate. Copy. 

Just throw a party, already!

Decor: Burlap,peanuts and cracker jacks, root beer, and the ever popular flags!

 Shower games are my forte. Actually not. 
So, my friend took the reigns on that part;
and she did a fabulous job!
In the spirit of baseball and babies, why not a "chug apple juice out of a baby bottle" game. Ha, get it the apple juice looked like beer in a bottle... Laughing? No? It was fun. As you can see below the gals were lining up eagerly to be contestants. 
Everyone loves shower games!

 Baby bottle bowling? Anyone? Anyone? 
Come on, we're using mini-baseball bats and a baseball! 
Seriously, Amber, I loved your games!

She got some super cute and sentimental gifts and of course all the necessities for a new baby boy! 
Happy Baby Jenni!

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