Friday, October 21, 2011

Creating Space

We had this SUPER inefficient laundry room.
A big room with just a washer and dryer and some wire shelving.
We also had one small bathroom upstairs (besides our master) for 4 bedrooms. With 3 girls, and one he/she on the way, one bathroom was going to get pretty cramped. And I hate wasted space.
Enter genius idea: turn said laundry room into a bathroom/laundry room.

Here's how we (and by we, I pretty much mean the contractor!) did it:

First, here is the naaaasty room before. The previous folks painted the room a "laundry detergent" blue. That's some amazing linoleum flooring. And notice the tetanus ridden metal washer pan that I tripped over countless times.

And here's the pretty, efficient room after:

1. We switched to a stack-able washer/dryer to create more space

2. Alex found this ADORABLE dresser at a thrift store for $6!! It holds stuff like extra sheets, cleaning supplies, random stuff that I don't feel like finding a real home for, etc...
It can also be used as a folding table.

3. We found the old crates at antique stores, and they were reasonably priced as well. They're good for holding practical things and pretty things!I'm trying to decide if I should hang the third crate or leave it sitting on the dresser.

You don't have to go with conventional shelving/cabinets. Find a piece/s that you LOVE and make it work!

4. On the other side of the washer/dryer, we added a toilet and sink. Going with a pedestal sink versus a vanity gives you a little more breathing space. We picked one that has a bigger rim, so there is some room for soap, toothbrushes, etc...
As long as you have some storage elsewhere, go pedestal. It also adds some character!

5. A bigger crate for dirty laundry!
6. A classic honeycomb tile floor.
7. The Tub. I saved my husband's glorious idea for last!
If you noticed in the "before" picture, this was just a wall. On the other side of that wall, is our master bath. The master tub was on this wall. He had the idea of moving the wall so the tub could be in the new bathroom, versus the master. Sheer genius. So this is now a full bath!

Now our guests have their own space, as this is directly across the hall from the guest room. Eventually it will be for some of the girls and hopefully we've headed some of the future "morning mirror" arguments!! Lord help us!


Shanole said...

Wow that looks really nice!

GINA said...

love it all! the crates are really cool! if only we owned a house... :)

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LOVE the re-do!! really awesome.