Friday, August 5, 2011

Harlow's Hair

It's been said that all of Harlow's nutrient intake goes into her hair production. I think it's halfway true. She's the tiniest thing, yet her hair is a thing of it's own. It produces the most perfect ringlets you've ever seen. It's usually braided or in a ponytail because it's a disaster if left down. Well, it was time. Time to give it a trim. I had a mere three inches taken off. I was sad to see the ringlets go, but I think they'll be back once it gets some length back.




Gentry got her hair trimmed up as well, looks much sharper, it was pretty scraggly as I let it grow out too long since the last cut! Her job during Harlow's cut was to entertain Jetta. She looks so entertained, eh?!
Well, then a homeless man came to the window and neither of them could get enough of him. I think they gave him a big smile in return!

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Bridal Concepts by Christy Aspinwall said...

sooooo cute - loved all the girls' stories.they are growing up so fast!