Friday, July 22, 2011

Cutest Baby Shower Ever

...Not to be confused with the
K, now that that's out of my system..back to the baby shower at hand!
My friend Maisie and I went straight up Martha and threw our friend a baby shower.It's her first baby, so everything must be over the top!

A sweet little sign that doesn't really need explaining.

Tissue poms in the tree, hanging above the tables. Need I say more?
These are so easy to make, and they cost about $1 each. If you want a tutorial, search for tissue pom poms on you tube. Look for the girl wearing an inappropriate spaghetti strap tank that has her baby in a high chair in the background. Classy, yet informative.

News Flash:Cake Pops are the new cupcake!
The Starbucks birthday cake pops could easily replace
my decaf, skim (sometimes), iced caramel macchiato!
These were chocolate cake, dipped in white bark and topped with teeny tiny adorable blue sugar crystals.
Awesome cake-popping skills, Maisie!
How about some "thanks-for-coming" lollipop favors!
Baby's initials on one side, "thank you" on the other!
We made a little scrapbook during the shower. There are 12 pages, one for each month of baby's first year. Each guest made a page, ready for a 4x6 picture to be placed when the time comes. My friends did this for me a few years ago at my first baby's shower. Genius!

This pink lemonade is specific to my home delivery service, and it's amazing. You should be jealous if you don't live here! But it adds so much color to the table, even if you have to store buy it or, heaven forbid, make it yourself!!


Debby said...

Very sweet. Love the scrapbook idea. I try to make mini albums, that you can just throw a picture in, for baby showers. I like the idea that everyone makes a page.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

What an adorable baby shower! Great job! And, the scrapbook idea is great...I will remember that for future baby showers!