Friday, October 15, 2010

We are STILL friends

Ok, I was going to blog about my tattoos...and about how I share these two tattoos in common with two of my BFF's. Oh, you didn't know that Jami and Emily have these tattoos? Ya, I haven't seen them adorn their blog yet, either. Gals, it may be time....just sayin'

(1st photo taken by Gentry, 2nd taken by me)

ANYWAY....So, I started looking through pics, because I wanted to post a pic of us when we were young and naive, close to the time we got these tattoos. And I started getting all sentimental and turned this post into what it is.....A tribute to you gals....
Jami, Emily, and Ashley (who will ONE DAY have a blog)

We have been through A LOT together....

High School



Babies, Babies, and MORE Babies...
(9 thus far, with a few more on the way, I'm sure...)

And not even mention all the emotional turmoils we've helped each other through. So, you get it. We are in this for LIFE!! Our lives have taken us down really different paths, even spreading out across four different states!! But that hasn't stopped us. We are STILL friends.
We are STILL there for each other no matter what. And we even make it a point to get together, just us 4, once a year....and still act totally young and stupid...just a little less naive, I suppose!


**And by the way, I am getting my star tattoo "worked on" on Sunday!**
Come back soon to see the new look!!!


Jami Nato said...

oh you! that was so sweet. although, i look disgusting in college and yet, you all were still my friends. love you.

and i need to get my tattoo worked on too. it's kinda fading.i remember staying up all night and designing that tattoo with you. hilarious.

emily said...

what?! you're changing your star tattoo? i need to as well, as mine now looks like a little blob. it gets confused with a mole all the time. lol.

maybe i'll just copy what you get done, so we can continue to have BFF tatts.

such a fun post---i love the last picture collage of us!

Mrs. Legris said...

Very sweet! Friendships like this are so rare and worth everything! You are all awesome girls, and I am so glad I am getting to know you all now. Wish it would have been in high school! :)