Sunday, June 6, 2010


Gentry went to her first day of "school" last week. It's kind of relaxed pre-school. Not as intense as the real deal, but they don't just eat goldfish and watch movies either. She loves it, and told me the first day that she made friends. She is my social butterfly and would be friends with a rock (and talk it's ear off) if it was the only thing around. Here she is with her back pack and water bottle!

I am 30 weeks prego right now, and have been diagnosed with polyhydramnios (tons and tons of amniotic fluid) again. At 28 weeks, I was measuring at 35 weeks. I seriously get huge. And there's nothing to do about it, unless the baby is not thriving, which this one sure is! She is at the 65%tile for growth right now! So, I suffer. OK, it's not that bad, but it's definitely not fun feeling full term for the last 3 months of the pregnancy.
I have been HORRIBLE about capturing this pregnancy. I don't have ANY shots of my belly so far besides these 3. SAD.

30 weeks (not much longer before I can't see them at all!)
24 weeks
18 weeks
And lastly, here are some photos of our recent play date at the "water fountain" park. This little park in Old Town, FC is great when you need cheap, easy entertainment. It's a lot going to the pool these days with friends, especially when you are outnumbered 5 kids to 2 adults! So this was our alternative this day. Still fun, as you can tell from the pics! These kiddos are best friends and they have fun no matter what they do together!

Waiting for the water to shoot out of the rock.

Warming up on the hot sidewalk

Harlow LOVES baby Mira. She's actually only 6 mos younger, but Harlow thinks she is so much older and more mature that she calls her a baby. Now this looks like a wrestling hold, but really I think she was trying to "hold" her!
Half smile, half "I don't think I liked that water shooting in my face"

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Jami Nato said...

well i like your belly. i wish i was there to rub it. oh wait, you'll be here soon!