Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sleep Over

Once a month, we and our great friends the Eggers, trade "date nights", keeping each others girls overnight. It's an awesome time to hang out with the spouse, get things done that are impossible when the littles running around, and best of all... SLEEP IN!!!
These pictures are from our night this past weekend watching their girls. Delaney is one of Gentry's best friends. Even at the ripe age of two, I love watching how they interact with each other. Sharing, teasing and loving on each other!

They only play with "white trash" style!

In the bath after playing in the sand.

They even make the same cheesy face!

I told the girls to put their arms around each other, and this is what they both did at the same time!

The is Amelia and Harlow. They are 3.5 months apart. They already tease each other, well, Amelia grabs toys from Harlow. But Harlow is still pretty defenseless at this point! They are already smitten with each other though!

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