Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What the girls are up to.

It's been awhile since I have posted anything. Time seriously gets away from me. I take pictures of the girls and other events, and then forget that I even took them, let alone, remember to blog the event! So I finally put some pics on the computer and here is what we've been up to!!!

Gentry's first official haircut! I cut her hair when she was about 3 months old. I had to come to grips that she had a rat-tail, and it HAD to go. But since then, I haven't cut it. I took her to my stylist, who is great, by the way. It took her about 6 minutes to cut Gentry's hair! She took off about an inch, but it looks so much healthier. Gentry wasn't really a fan, but once she got a piece of candy and saw herself in the big mirror, we were good to go!

Harlow has been spending some time in her BUMBO. I could be a spokesperson for them (and Phil and Teds). Man, some things are made really well, and are worth spending some money on, i.e. the Bumbo! It has support in all the right areas to help her strengthen her neck and stomach muscles. I wish I could get a six pack by sitting in a cushy rubber seat...

Cheese-face and sweet Harlow

The Girls (minus Effie)

Gentry and Harlow's First bath together. See, the Bumbo really works. Harlow is 3 months old and sitting in a bath ring! She wasn't too happy though when Gentry dumped a bowl of water on her head so she could wash her hair! I suppose she learned that by example!

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Amber said...

oh man, they are so cute they remind me of a female version of my two:) something about Harlow reminds me of Vrai...weird, but it just does. They are adorable. We need to have another play date or something! Praying Harlow recovers quickly! Love ya, amber