Monday, February 16, 2009

Harlow *7 weeks*

Our baby Harlow is getting so big these days! As you can see, she is sporting the double chin! She has come out of "la-la" land and has started smiling at us and making cute baby noises! She sleeps and eats great,which makes life good for mommy!
Gentry has pretty much gotten used to the idea of Harlow being around. She has her moments of jealousy, though.


emily said...

she looks so much like YOU!
how cute :)

Diane said...


I LOVE your blog!!!
I LOVE the pictures!!!
What beautiful babies you have!!!
And I love your Bible verses you put on your blog.
Isn't God good!!!

Love you much,
Diane (for Dale, too)
Siloam Springs, Arkansas

The Legris Family said...

Cutest baby!! Congrats again!!

Laurie said...

Barb forwarded your blog to me.
Your girls are ADORABLE!! I love their names, so cute! I think Gentry looks just like you did as a baby. So happy to see your doing well!
Much love,
Laurie Carter