Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Yes...I am still pregnant. Not a surprise as Gentry was a week late, and really I am only 38 1/2 weeks right now. But long ago I was hoping this "polyhydramnios" issue would produce an early arrival for the baby. NOT SO (and I have come to terms with that)!!!!
But...I have a c-section scheduled for the 26th, so I know that in 5 days, we will have baby girl number two!
Really, this has been a lesson from the Lord of my patience and contentment, and it has been a good lesson for me. And I can say that I am truly grateful to have this last week to spend with Alex (he is done with work for awhile) and Gentry before the baby comes.
So be sure to check back in a week or so. I will update the blog with pics and stats as soon as I can!!
Thanks for all your prayers and support throughout my pregnancy!

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